Greg Palast: Jim Crow Scam Threatens to Tip Georgia’s Ossoff-Handel Race

They were doing a campaign to register 10,000 Korean-Americans to vote, and had quite a bit of success. At some point during the campaign, they noticed that many of the folks that they were registering were not showing up on the voter rolls. So, they reached out to the Secretary of State to say, “Hey, where are our folks? Why aren’t they showing up on the rolls?” They never got an official response. What they did get was the GBI kicking in the door and requesting all of their files.
While no charges were brought, the terrifying raid was enough to at least temporarily derail the “10,000 Korean Votes” campaign. According to a written statement sent to me yesterday by Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, the “10,000 Korean Votes” campaign ended in 2015. Since that time, the Asian American Legal Advocacy Center has ceased to exist as such, though at least some of its work is being carried on by the group that replaced it: the Atlanta branch of Asian Americans Advancing Justice, which continues to engage in voter registration efforts, according to its website.

Ufot’s own group, New Georgia Project, has also seen the registrations of new voters of color suspiciously vanish. Ufot told me, “We submitted 86,419 voter registration forms. There are 46,000 of the folks that we’ve registered who have made it, and 40,000 of them are missing.”

via Greg Palast: Jim Crow Scam Threatens to Tip Georgia’s Ossoff-Handel Race

Now add 20 to 100 times more money for the Republican corporate money backed candidate. Usually this tactic of pouring avalanches of money into any election is enough. But to properly steal an election, one needs to make sure, thus all of these other tactics are ‘required’ to do it ‘right’.

This is how to ‘steal’ any election you want to win. Just use a variety of tactics to intimidate voters, threaten voters, lose registration forms, and shut down voter registration drives via Nazi style tactics. Republicans are getting very good at this ‘stealing’, but legally. Then if you still need to win, just rig the electronic voting machines to deliver the ‘right’ result’, instead of the ‘left’ result. It only takes about 10 minutes.

Oh, and then you have gerrymandering, which means Republicans win even if the majority of votes are cast for Dems. We have entered the twilight zone… where darkness wins just about every time.

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