Trumpcare Raids Medicare and Destroys Medicaid

Trumpcare Raids Medicare and Destroys Medicaid

After spending months crafting their bill in secret, the Senate revealed this morning their plan for Trumpcare: They’re taking the House bill and making it crueler.

It’s got the same tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, but even deeper Medicaid cuts.

Medicaid is a vital part of economic security that we all depend on, and Trumpcare absolutely devastates it. Trumpcare doesn’t just roll back the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, it ends Medicaid’s coverage guarantee by setting inflexible per-person caps on funding. As medical needs increase, those caps don’t–likely bankrupting families who depend on Medicaid for long term care or other chronic illnesses.

Send a message to your Senators: Reject Trumpcare’s destruction of Medicaid.

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