How do we Live the Great 5D Shift in Daily Life?

The good news is you can be in that expanded place of the soul all the time. You can live it in every moment – that’s what we came here for: to unleash the soul even in the most challenging of densities. You just have to overcome all the internal resistances and barriers that get in the way. How do you do that?

Firstly it’s not to distance yourself from them. That just creates denial. You may access a temporary bubble of love and light, but it’s sure to burst at the first sign of any serious density.

To explode the myth of suffering and limitation, is to become intently intimate with it – to go right into the very heart of your concerns, worries and fears. Amidst these situations, you’ll be able to locate a pain – be it physical, emotional or psychological. The immediate reaction is to pull away from the pain, to cure it with some quick fix. But this is self-defeating, because it simply piles on more layers of denial and resistance to the flow, which has your best interests at heart.

Taking Responsibility
So instead, work to recognise the pain: be it lack of self belief, worthlessness or resentment. Maybe you are judging others or projecting blame? Identify what it is and take ownership – take responsibility. This is the true path to empowerment.

Once you can feel the pain, work into it, express it out into the world, ask of the universe “show me!” You will clearly be shown where you’re attaching through the signs and synchronicity that are reflected back to you.

You then have a choice: ignore and carry on as always. Or alternatively stop, get right into the heart of the contraction, work to let go of the attachment, and thus it unwinds. In it’s place, flows a new aspect of true self – of the soul – which is connected up to the River of Life.

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