June 26 Energy News



¶ “Devil’s in detail, but Finkel may have gotten it just about right” On June 9, the much-anticipated Finkel report on the future stability of Australia’s National Electricity Market was released. Though there are many detailed recommendations, the overall guidance seem to getting broad support – except for the Clean Energy Target. [RenewEconomy]

Storm damage in South Australia

Science and Technology:

¶ Yellowstone Park is being hit by a swarm of earthquakes. About 770 have been recorded since June 12. This raises fears among the people across the affected areas for a possible volcanic eruption. If a super-volcano erupts, the disaster could radically transform the whole global climate and destroy much of the western US. [Science World Report]


¶ The Asian Development Bank has approved the creation of a new Pacific Renewable Energy Investment Facility to provide financial support to renewable energy projects in Pacific…

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