A Fairy Tale of Untold Dreams

Sometimes your Life feels like your Life, and sometimes your Life feels like a stranger to you. In any case, you are on the edge. On the edge of what? On the edge of Discovery.

Sometimes you may wonder whether Life is all pot luck. Sometimes it sure seems to be, yet how can this be? Other times your Life is magical as it unfolds. Sometimes it must be that you live in a Fairy Tale of Untold Dreams.

And sometimes Life seems to be a sure thing. The thing is that sometimes you are aware of living two lives, the seeming Life on Earth and the near yet far Life beyond borders. Call this Eternal Life. Call it what you will. Your Life is yours regardless of anything. Life is never withdrawn from you, nor can it ever be. Life is as it is. This is guaranteed. No exceptions.

As you look back, your Life began in the beginning days. Now your Life begins in this and every moment. Hail to Life!

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