Alex Jones Claims That There Is A Child Sex Slave Colony On Mars, Using Kidnapped Children From Earth

Closing Thought

There are some here on the blogging world that use people like Alex Jones and Infowars as a news site…..they quote him and use him as some sort of “journalists”… best he is a con man and his news balances on the absurd…

Recently he and a guest went on and on about sex slaves and Mars…..

NASA says child sex slaves have not—we repeat: have not—been kidnapped and taken to Mars. NASA issued the ridiculous denial to the Daily Beast after a guest Thursday on The Alex Jones Show claimed otherwise. Robert David Steele—who notes was listed as a “CIA insider”—told Jones children are being kidnapped, forced into a 20-year mission in space, and ending up on Mars, where they are used as slave labor and killed for their blood and bone marrow. Steele claimed the children are sexually assaulted before being killed to “adrenalize their blood.” Jones chimed in, calling such a process “the original growth hormone.” He also claimed 90% of NASA missions are secret, adding, “Clearly they don’t want us looking into what is happening.”
NASA spokesperson Guy Webster explained to the Daily Beast that while there are rovers on Mars, there aren’t any people. He says he’s shocked there’s “only one stupid rumor on the Internet” he has to debunk this week. This isn’t the first outlandish conspiracy theory Jones has given credence to. The Washington Post reports Jones, who has millions of listeners nationwide, claims the Sandy Hook massacre is a hoax and promoted “Pizzagate,” which tied Hillary Clinton to a pedophile ring being run out of a pizza restaurant. During the campaign, President Trump said Jones’ “reputation is amazing” and promised not to let him down.

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