Experts: Trump’s “Voter Data Request” Is Illegal and Can Be Safely Ignored.

Like all of his ill-conceived, opportunistic “seat of the pants” initiatives, most of which are the fevered work product of his acolytes desperate to distract attention from their Leader’s collusion with the Russian government to secure his election (and their current positions), Trump’s demand that individual states provide personal “Voter Data,” including the names and addresses, political party affiliation, voting “histories,” criminal records, military service records, dates of birth, and partial Social Security numbers from all voting citizens in the 50 states is illegal and can be safely ignored.

President Trump’s voter fraud commission may have violated the law by ignoring federal requirements governing requests for information from states, several experts on the regulatory process told The Hill.

The idea of a “dossier” on each individual American voter compiled by the likes of a seasoned voter suppressor like Kris Kobach doubtlessly appealed to some of Trump’s advisors’ Nazi-like instincts. But as disappointing as it may be for the the fevered fantasies of Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, the veritable Goering and Goebbels of Trump’s cabal, we don’t yet live in the the Third Reich. Despite the fact that the Administration apparently feels it can simply issue a decree to obtain whatever it wants to satisfy an agenda designed to please its base of witless supporters, the actual laws governing its behavior have a peculiar habit of intervening:

via Daily Kos Experts: Trump’s “Voter Data Request” Is Illegal and Can Be Safely Ignored.