States Push New Voter Requirements, Fueled by Trump

There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Missouri, or anywhere else, and yet voter fraud legislation has never been as popular as it is now.

At least 99 bills to restrict access to the polls have been introduced (or have been carried over from previous sessions) in 31 states this year; that’s already more than double the number last year, according to data compiled by the Brennan Center. Voter ID — requiring voters to prove who they are with identifying documents — is the most common requirement, but changes to the voter registration process, such as asking people to prove their U.S. citizenship, are a close second.

“The problem is when a law prohibits a certain class of people” from voting because they lack “access or ability” to obtain one of the approved forms of identification, said Myrna Pérez, who leads voting rights efforts for the Brennan Center. “They offer our society very little public benefit, in that they only stop an incredibly rare type of voter fraud.”

via States Push New Voter Requirements, Fueled by Trump – NBC News