Congress Votes Again for Unconstitutional Wars and Pentagon Pork


Washington, D.C. — July 14, 2017 — In response to the passage of the Fiscal Year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Paul Kawika Martin, Senior Director for Policy and Political Affairs at Peace Action, released the following statement:

“Today the U.S. House of Representatives voted again to continue our endless wars and for a military budget that’s almost as large as all other countries combined. Every year, Congress authorizes billions of dollars of Pentagon pork at the expense of other security needs and other taxpayer priorities. While war profiteers rejoice, voters wonder why the government cannot provide for education, job creation, healthcare and needs in their community.

“Worse, continued Pentagon largesse actually makes Americans less safe because we fail to invest in the long-term solutions to violent extremism and solving international tensions: diplomacy, poverty alleviation and humanitarian aid to name a few.

“Some of the Pentagon boondoggles include continued…

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