House passes $696.5B defense policy bill

he House on Friday overwhelmingly passed a wide-ranging, $696.5 billion defense policy bill that goes far above President Trump’s budget request.

Lawmakers voted 344-81 on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which broadly lays out policy and spending rules for the Pentagon and the military branches.

The bill would authorize $621.5 billion for the Pentagon’s base budget and Energy Department nuclear programs and $75 billion for war funding, known as the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account. In addition, the bill takes $10 billion in OCO dollars to pay for base budget needs.

Only eight Republicans voted against the legislation, which passes Trump’s defense request of $603 billion.

via House passes $696.5B defense policy bill | TheHill

America turned into Sparta with this increase, as it will mean forcibly cutting all social programs and the social safety net, in favor of a dictatorial, militaristic, vulture capitalistic society that is totally focused on never ending war, war, war.

Sparta does not exist anymore, as it created too many enemies with it’s non stop warmongering and violence focus. A society that is based on war and violence, is NOT SUSTAINABLE. Either it will be destroyed or it will collapse, or it will end up causing a global nuclear war.