Day after US DOJ Sent Russian to Jail for Export of US Microelectronics to Russian Military/ Money-Laundering, US Attorney General Sessions Accused of Meeting with Russians by Media

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Is this a coincidence? The day after the US Department of Justice sentenced a Russian – who had been given US citizenship – to prison for illegal export of microelectronics to Russia’s FSB and money-laundering, the US Attorney General (head of DOJ), was accused of meeting with Russian officials and lying about it by the media. Who gave Washington Post this leak? Russia? The Trump Administration?

Recall that Trump recently lifted sanctions which blocked the Russian FSB from getting the latest Information technology products. The access to the latest IT products, allowed by the lifting of sanctions, facilitates Russian hacking of the US and Europe. Surprise! The US and Europe have been Trumped by Putin.

Did Sessions willingly meet with the Russians or was this a set-up so that if Sessions didn’t quash this and several other high profile cases (Deutsche Bank/Russia money-laundering investigation; Anti-Trust lawsuit against Trump fund-raiser/donor…

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