FLASHPOINT: France Attempts Forced Vaccination on Unwilling Population

Instead of working towards a solution, Buzyn’s Ministry of Health decided to double down and announce a new 11-shot forced vaccine schedule for French children starting in 2018. The move, like those happening simultaneously in Italy, Poland and other European countries, appears to be leveraging media fear and hype over the increase in measles cases.

Documents obtained highlighting conflicts of interest show Buzyn was directly compensated for various activities by the pharmaceutical laboratory Genzyme, now a subsidiary of Sanofi, from 1998 to 2011. In addition, between 2005 and 2011 she was also paid by the laboratories Bristol Meyers-Squibb and Novartis. The two laboratories together with Pierre Fabre and Schering-Plow (a subsidiary of Merck) also financed the Robert Debré association headed by Agnès Buzyn.

Judging by past indicators, Buzyn will face an increasing headwind from the French population during this vaccine push. In 2015 the largest survey on confidence in immunization to date was conducted interviewing more than 65,000 people. As the researchers reported, 41% of respondents in France disagreed with the assertion that vaccines are safe. The number of 41% was reached before the CDC whistleblower revelations became widespread, before the success of the film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, and before tens of thousands of Italians began marching in the streets. The skepticism isn’t just coming from the general population; a quarter of French health practitioners aren’t confident about the efficacy and risk of vaccines, either.

Some of the hesitancy over the past decade in France can be attributed to the French government’s mishandling of the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) scam. At the time the H1N1 scare, based on false reporting and statistical manipulation, was billed as a pandemic. Through investigations by Sharyl Attkisson, Jon Rappoport and others the false narrative was dismantled. That was not before the French government bought double the doses of vaccines, 94 million shots costing nearly a billion euros, for its population. In addition, the French government depleted the trust of its people by attempting to make the poorly tested thimerosal-containing vaccine mandatory for all its citizens over 3 months of age for a pandemic that didn’t exist. In 2014 swine flu manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline eventually paid out £60 million to those who were injured by the shot.

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