Fox News moves from slanted reporting, to active involvement in cover-up of collusion

Who told Fox News to start a campaign against that idea that collusion was a crime, and how much was Fox told about the level of collusion in the Trump regime?

Because it certainly looks as if Fox News was informed that evidence of collusion was coming out weeks before that knowledge became public. Then, instead of reporting on that information, Fox worked with the Trump regime to lessen the impact. That’s not reporting. It’s being part of the cover-up.

From almost the moment the meeting was revealed it was clear that the timeline that’s been given for Donald Trump’s learning about the meeting is another lie. It’s not just that Trump “coincidentally” announced he would reveal harmful information about Hillary Clinton immediately after he was told the Russian government was going to provide him with harmful information about Hillary Clinton. It’s not just that he tweeted about Hillary’s emails for the first time just minutes after the meeting broke up (assuming the meeting was actually as brief as we keep being told). It’s also that Donald Trump’s campaign began paying for Trump Jr’s defense weeks before this information came out. Likewise, Trump’s lawyers were given information on the meeting in June.

Fox News’ war on collusion-as-crime coming immediately in advance of this story breaking drops another coincidence on top of the growing pile.

The date at which Fox News began the effort to normalize collusion closely corresponds to the date we’ve been told that Jared Kushner’s lawyers “discovered” the emails related to the Veselnitskaya meeting — though that date has been notably vague. It seems clear that, despite the obvious missteps, the Trump regime has sought to manage and coordinate the release of information about the campaign’s collusion with Russia for a period of more than a month, and that Fox News was not just aware of this effort, but an active participant.

via Daily Kos Fox News moves from slanted reporting, to active involvement in cover-up of collusion