Hawaii regulators approve HECO’s 100% renewable energy plan

After these “false starts”, HECO issued a Power Supply Improvement Plan (PSIP) in December 2016 that put forth an ambitious five year plan to double Hawaii’s renewable energy penetration from 25% to 52% in 2021, and also nearly double the state’s photovoltaic installations from 717 MW to 1,465 MW in the same time period. This PSIP is expected to put Hawaii on the road to get 100% of its electricity by 2040 from renewable sources, with no fossil fuel assets on the islands by 2045.

This PSIP was approved to go forward by HPUC on July 14, 2017.

The additional solar assets include 360 MW of grid-scale solar, 326 MW rooftop, plus 31 MW under a feed in tariff. In addition are 157 MW of wind power and 115 MW of Demand Response programs. Moloka’i is planned to be the first island to go 100% renewable electricity, by 2020. The PSIP also lays out strategies and goals for energy storage, transmission upgrades and continual feedback from communities and the regulators. Rate structures would be adjusted to accommodate renewable energy, including time-of-use or other rates to accommodate the expected transition to electric vehicles.

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