Trump Tells Putin He Can Keep Crimea In Exchange For Sberbank Loan To Build Trump Tower Moscow and Leaving Melania Alone?

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(If you think this is satire, rather than legitimate speculation based on the personalities involved, then you’ve had your head in the sand for the last months.)

In the second undisclosed Putin conversation did Trump offer to lift sanctions against Russia (for invading Crimea) in exchange for a Sberbank Loan to build a Trump Tower Moscow and/or for leaving Melania alone? Trump fears Melania may run off with Putin? She was, after all, seated with Putin and laughing.

What did Trump and Putin whisper into each other’s ear for almost one hour at the Couples Only G20 Dinner? We can only speculate as there were apparently no American witnesses; no US translator; no official US record. Putin speaks and understands at least some English anyway. And, of course, for anyone who can master German grammar like Putin had to have done as a KGB agent in Germany, English is…

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