Newly appointed communications director Anthony Scaramucci made the talk show rounds over the weekend.  If I thought this man was a pandering ‘operator’ before, I am now convinced.  He is a highly paid mouthpiece for the egomaniacal Donald Trump and whatever comes out of Trump’s mouth on a given day will be the party line for that day.  I shall treat Scaramucci as I do Trump … believing not one single word that he says.

One example sums it up quite well: “He’s {Trump] one of the most effective communicators that’s ever been born, and we’re going to make sure that we get that message out directly to the American people.” An effective communicator???  He cannot even string a simple sentence together, repeats himself constantly, and makes up words as he goes along.  Based on his communication skills, I would rate him at about a 5th grade level!

In case that didn’t convince you that Scaramucci is a boot-licker, let us see where else he traveled and what else he had to say over the weekend.

via Scaramucci Strikes … | Filosofa’s Word