Vaccine War Heating Up: Mothers of Unvaccinated Children Labeled Criminals

Educated Critical Thinkers Eating Organic, Leaning Holistic

In 2013, the flames of prejudice were fanned by an online publication profiling parents in a San Francisco community and labeling them “vaccine deniers.” [34] The parents were described as “wealthy, educated, liberal leaning” and often working in “technology, law and other white collar professions that demand critical thinking skills,” who put their children at risk by feeding them non-GMO organic food, taking them to holistic doctors, and paying $20,000 a year to send them to private schools where self-reliance, independence and critical thinking are taught.

So, by 2015, the narrative about parents being stupid and crazy for questioning the safety of vaccines had morphed into one profiling parents by class and race. The New York Times had no problem running the headline, “Rich, White and Refusing Vaccinations.” [35]


M.D. Professor and Vaccine Developer: “Snuff out” Vaccine Safety and Choice Advocates

In 2016, the profiling of vaccine hesitant parents based on race and class had become so politically correct in America that two Michigan pediatricians felt comfortable describing them this way:

“These parents almost always come from privilege, and they are almost never punished for their actions…. they are by and large white, educated and affluent.” [48]
By 2017, Peter Hotez, a Baylor University professor of medicine and vaccine developer, [49, 50] slapped the “high educational attainment and socioeconomic status” label on parents defending vaccine freedom of choice. In Scientific American magazine, he called on the U.S. government and G20 nations to take steps to “snuff out” the “American anti-vaccine movement.” [51] To “snuff out” means to “crush or kill.” [52]

via Vaccine War Heating Up: Mothers of Unvaccinated Children Labeled Criminals

Hmmm, learning how to think for yourself has become a crime in America.

Many years ago, it was said that those who tell the truth will be hated and demonized… that day is here and now, today.

Mandatory Vaccinations Are Like Forced Nazi Experimentation, Violates Informed Consent; Violates AMA Medical Ethics Statement, Violates Physicians Hippocratic Oath, Violates Free Will/Choice, Is Part Of Fascist Medical Industrial Monopoly Exerting Absolute Control/Power