All-Electric, Autonomous Container Ship Sets Sail in 2018

You have heard a lot about self-driving cars lately, and perhaps some noise about the occasional autonomous semi-truck; after all, autonomous shipping along U.S. highways is reportedly Tesla’s next venture. Now two companies in Norway are joining forces to launch what they say will be the first zero-emissions ship that will also navigate the Scandinavian country’s waters driver-less, or should we say, captain-less.

Kongsberg, a defense and maritime company which takes the same name of the town in which it is located, has partnered with the chemical company Yara on this venture.

Their soon-to-be finished product is the Yara Birkeland, an open-top shipping vessel that will be able to haul anywhere from 100 to 150 shipping containers. At 230 feet long, 49 feet wide and 30 feet deep (in metric, 70x15x12 meters), this ship will be able to move anywhere from six to 10 knots per hour. Yara and Kongsberg say the ship’s electric propulsion system will be powered by a battery system with the might of 4 megawatt hours, or the equivalent of 40 automobile engines.

via Triple Pundit All-Electric, Autonomous Container Ship Sets Sail in 2018