American Collapse is a Disease. And You Might be Next. The Four Horsemen and the Pale Rider

Not so fast. American collapse isn’t like a natural disaster. It’s more like a disease. It’s spreading. You’re not immune. That doesn’t mean your country is going to collapse as spectacularly as America, but it does mean that it’s likely in for a rough ride. The global political economy, aka the way that we run the world, is deeply and profoundly broken — and that includes you, me, all of us, whether we like it or not. And the only way to really fix it is one that unfortunately people just don’t like, want, or even often really understand.
Let’s begin with today’s big global problems. There are five major problems in the world today — an incomplete list, and you can add or delete problems as you see fit, what’s behind the problems is the point (we’ll get to that). Climate change. Inequality. Mass extinction. Populism. That’s only four — and I’ll call these the four horsemen.
All of these are driven by the fifth, the pale rider of the horses if you like, which is the cause: a stagnant global economy. That means: the world isn’t producing enough real gains to go around. If you are a pundit, you might say: gains are being hoarded at the top. But that’s a profound misunderstanding of what political economy is. What’s being hoarded at the top is money. And what isn’t present at the middle and bottom enough is what money creates: real human well being, genuinely good lives.

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