October Surprises: Trump’s Child Sex Trafficking is Finally Becoming a Major Story (Update)

Keep this in mind when you read about men like Donald Trump. Because no matter how much you may be primed to see these girls as older, perhaps even deserving of abuse, they aren’t. Please remember it is men like him that create the conditions that perpetuate their victimization.

Think about the kind of man who sexually objectifies his own daughter, who talks openly about being attracted to a 12-year-old family friend, who sees a 10-year-old little girl and jokes about dating (and thus fucking) her, however many years in the future. Think about the kind of man who muses about the erotic import of emotionally damaged teenage girls in a manner that indicates he knows from experience.

Think about the kind of man who, when asked about his own infant daughter, talks about her legs and speculates on her future breast development. Let’s just pause here, for a moment, because this is just so galling. Babies do not have ”legs” in the way that grown women do. They have rolls of dimpled fat and chubby little feet. There is nothing beautiful or “sexy” about the legs of a baby. And there is nothing remotely normal about comparing the legs of a baby to the legs of a woman you have sex with. That is pathological behavior.

Does it surprise you, then, that a man who says these things has sex trafficked children? And make no mistake-this is exactly what Michael Gross is describing. Have no illusions about this-it is the literal definition of the term.

And please don’t give the presumption of innocence where it is undeserved. No matter what these men say to excuse their behavior, the actual age of the girls they were passing around and fucking was not unknown. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that a 14-year-old girl can genuinely be mistaken for a 24-year-old woman-no matter how much makeup is on her face, or how precocious her development may be. Anyone who has raised daughters, interacted with teenagers, or has been around human beings in general knows the goddamn difference.

via Daily Kos October Surprises: Trump’s Child Sex Trafficking is Finally Becoming a Major Story (Update)