Did Anyone In Washington Ask You If You Wanted A New Cold War?

“You know it’s easy to joke about this, except that we’re at maybe the most dangerous moment in US-Russian relations in my lifetime, and maybe ever. And the reason is that we’re in a new cold war, by whatever name. We have three cold war fronts that are fraught with the possibility of hot war, in the Baltic region where NATO is carrying out an unprecedented military buildup on Russia’s border, in Ukraine where there is a civil and proxy war between Russia and the west, and of course in Syria, where Russian aircraft and American warplanes are flying in the same territory. Anything could happen.”

There are so many unpredictable factors and chaotic moving parts that go into cold war escalations between two nuclear powers, and there are so very, very many things that can go wrong. Add in the extra variables of the possibility of hot war erupting in Syria, the US-Russian proxy war in Ukraine, or any of the tensions caused by NATO expansionism along the Russian border, and you can see that we’ve already placed ourselves in an extremely dangerous situation.

via Medium; Did Anyone In Washington Ask You If You Wanted A New Cold War?


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