Good News, Bad News For Solar In Arizona

Distributed solar is opposed by any number of utility companies. They complain that the transmission lines, transformers, and substations that comprise the utility grid belong to them and only they should be able to have access to the equipment. They bitterly resent having to pay homeowners for any excess electricity generated by their rooftop solar systems.

One can see how such an argument might be popular with industry executives, but the situation is similar to that of electric cars. Most of the world’s automakers have been busy opposing electric cars and treating them as if they were a minor irritant, one that would soon go away. But policy decisions by several nations such as India, France, and Germany to ban the sale of conventional cars in the near future have forced those companies to finally pay attention. There is a good possibility that several legacy automakers will go out of business in coming years because the refused to see the future.

Utility company intransigence and the imposition of special fees on people who dare install rooftop solar systems on their homes will convince many people to install storage batteries in their homes and go off grid entirely. If that happens, the utility companies will be well on their way to becoming irrelevant. Trying to stop the trend toward private solar and wind generation is the modern day equivalent of King Canute The Great sitting by the seashore and commanding the tide not to rise. Maybe one day, Arizona Public Service will go the way of the once mighty Packard Motor Company and slide into the dustbin of history.

via Good News, Bad News For Solar In Arizona | CleanTechnica