You’ll Never Guess What Holocaust Deniers Think About Climate Science

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

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Climate Deniers like to cry about being called Climate Deniers, because, they say,  that’s meant to remind people of “Holocaust Deniers”.

Well,… yeah.

No, I won’t give them a link. You’ll just have to trust me.  The Nazi website cuts and pastes a story from Marc Morano’s Climate Depot site, then comments –

Daily Stormer:

The fact that they were able to pull off this hoax – and are in fact still pulling it off, though to a slightly less extent – should make us question everything else about the mainstream narrative of what is happening in reality.

There was never any evidence for this hoax. The ice core samples show the opposite of what they say they show. The whole thing was just a massive lie, where all of these people were just lying straight to your face.

Global warming, while not as important of a…

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