Trump Keeps His Promise – And Delivers Hate

To these people asking these questions and making these assumptions, there is only one answer: those who voted for Trump got exactly what they voted for. There was no false advertising. There was no deception. The hateful rhetoric that Trump expressed during the election campaign – against women, against Muslims, against minorities, against his political opponents, against journalists – has carried over into his Presidency. He has delivered what he promised.

Those in the Republican party who supported Trump after his nomination as the candidate, and continue to support Trump through what is clearly the most disastrous presidency in modern history, cannot claim outrage or surprise. They knew what they were getting, and didn’t care who was hurt in the process. The Republicans made a pact with the devil in order to keep their power, and they are now seeing what that pact has done to the country they so often and so loudly claim to love. If there was ever a good example of how power corrupts, it would be how the Republicans are unwilling to condemn Trump.

via Trump Keeps His Promise – And Delivers Hate | By Christian Christensen | Common Dreams