Nation discovers evangelicals have no moral compass as business leaders pick up the slack

The fact that institutional leaders of conservative religious groups have entirely ceded their moral authority to the business community on issues of basic decency and human rights is a lesson LGBTQ Americans have learned repeatedly over the last decade. It was on full display last year in North Carolina, for instance, where businesses like PayPal led the charge in opposing HB2, a bill targeting transgender individuals for discrimination.

The same was true the year before when companies like Salesforce and Angie’s List took on then-Gov. Mike Pence after he signed a law protecting businesses that discriminate against LGBTQ customers. That story repeated itself again this year during the right-wing push in Texas to prohibit transgender folks from using public restrooms corresponding to their gender. The bill just died this week.

But as all of those measures made national headlines, leaders of the evangelical and Catholic faiths fell silent, just like they have been in directly challenging Trump’s disastrous handling of the violence that took one life and injured 19 others last weekend.

While the President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, swiftly issued a statement last Saturday condemning the “abhorrent acts of hatred” in Charlottesville as “an attack on the unity of our nation,” he has said nothing following Trump’s defense of that very same violence.

via Nation discovers evangelicals have no moral compass as business leaders pick up the slack


Where is the religious community and Trump’s religious committee when it comes to condemning racism, the KKK and Neo Nazis?

Missing in action… NO MORAL COMPASS. NO ETHICS.  They are OK with FASCISM and NAZIS, embracing them whole heartedly..