6 Reasons Electric Vehicles Are Taking Over The World

The Most Revolutionary Act

Guest Post by John Hawthorne

Remember when the idea of electric cars used to be a fantasy? Something from The Jetsons or Tron. I mean, who could imagine not needing to fill up a gas tank every 150 miles? The whole idea was ridiculous. Gas powered engines seemed like they would be the dominant force into the foreseeable future.

Even a few years ago, the concept that electric cars could be widely available seemed a bit far-fetched. Sure, Tesla was producing them, but who could afford one of those? Not most people. Electric cars seemed like an option only for rich, environmentally conscious individuals.


But the days of ubiquitous electric cars are here…or almost here, depending on where you live.

In fact, even the oil industry has the trend on its radar. As Tom Randall wrote:

…battery prices are dropping by about 20 percent a year, and automakers have…

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