Know Your Rights: When the FBI Knocks

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Despite the FBI’s grotesque history of racial profiling and targeting, harassing, and criminalizing the civil rights movement, the agency is charged with upholding civil rights laws. The FBI is now investigating the car attack against anti-racist activists in Charlottesville, VA, and has been reaching out to counterprotesters who were in Cville to conduct interviews.

These activists are rightly concerned. An interview with the FBI or any law enforcement is always a risky business. In this situation especially, one cannot assume that what you say won’t be held against you, or someone else. You can never know what information agents have, or what their true agenda is. For example, some activists are being led to believe that the interviews are not optional. They are.

The DC chapter of the National Lawyers Guild is advising activists to exercise caution, to fully understand their rights, and to refuse to speak with agents without a…

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