About That “Blacks For Trump” Guy Standing Behind Trump At The Phoenix Rally….

The Intercept  raises the sensible question of why the Secret Service would allow someone with a violent  background and a history of bizarre online ranting within a few feet of a sitting President.

As The Intercept and other publications reported last year, he initially reinvented himself as a Republican activist in the 1990s, after the black supremacist cult leader he had followed throughout the previous decade, Yahweh ben Yahweh, was jailed for a series of killings that included the beheading of one victim. Woodside was eventually acquitted of playing any part in those murders, despite testimony implicating him in two killings from his own brother, who had also been in the cult.
Woodside denies that he’s a plant, but his past relationship with Trump, who has pointed him out in his speeches, and with the Republican Party (as an invitee to the Palm Beach County GOP’s “Lincoln dinner”–held at Mar-a Lago) suggests that the campaign is well aware of his usefulness.  For millions of Republican viewers tuning in Tuesday night, Mr. Woodside became the face of all African-Americans, living proof that Trump could not possibly be a racist.

The reality, of course, is that Mr. Woodside is about as representative of African-Americans as hard-core Trump supporters are representative of decent human beings.

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via Daily Kos About That “Blacks For Trump” Guy Standing Behind Trump At The Phoenix Rally….