The Benefits Of Calcium Phosphate

The Benefits of Calcium Phosphate
As mentioned above, it is calcium phosphate that makes for healthy bones and teeth. Throughout your entire life, you need to continue to sustain your calcium phosphate levels to maintain the health of your bones and teeth.

Calcium phosphate is a mineral and bone is made of 70% of this mineral. You will find that the enamel in your teeth is 89% calcium phosphate or, more specifically, hydroxyapatite, which is a type of calcium phosphate.

Another benefit of calcium phosphate is that it is part of the cell signaling process. Without calcium phosphate, the neurotransmitters would not be able to transmit information between cells.

Williams College released an article explaining the benefit of calcium phosphate to the brain. In it they explain that when information needs to be shared between cells, it is calcium phosphate that acts as the channels to allow information to be shared.

According to the Mayo Clinic, calcium phosphate has shown some promise when it comes to decreasing the risk of developing certain diseases, such as colorectal cance

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