BoltEV from California to Oregon for the Eclipse with mi/kWh between I-5 charging stations

We learned a lot on this trip.  First and foremost, the Bolt continues to surprise us with its range.   Using the numbers we charted, it’s clear we can optimize our charge times on future trips.  Next, although we did plot alternative stations, we didn’t anticipate 3 successive stations being down by double checking availability.  And, we didn’t pay attention to station operating hours.  Had we done that, we’d have left Ashland later, charged at Yaks over lunch, then only at Vacaville to make it home.  And finally, I’m beginning to change the opinion I expressed about whether a Bolt can be your primary vehicle.  The Bolt is our primary vehicle.  Our Audi has been collecting dust since the end of ski season.  Once there’s an affordable all-wheel electric with the Bolt’s range, we’ll trade in the Audi and will go all-electric.

via Steve Jackowski – Blog – STEVE JACKOWSKI