August 28 Energy News



¶ “Cyclones and climate change: connecting the dots” • Scientists freely acknowledge they don’t know everything about how global warming affects hurricanes like the one pummeling southeast Texas. But what they do know is enough to keep them up at night. The amplifying impact of climate change is basic physics. [Phys.Org]

Hurricane Harvey’s destruction

¶ “States Dare to Think Big on Climate Change” • There is a bright spot amid gloomy news about climate change and the Trump administration’s resistance to doing anything about it. It is the determination of a number of governments of California and the states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to take action on their own. [New York Times]


¶ The Australian city of Canberra has its first all-electric and hybrid buses, following the launch of a new 12-month public transportation fleet trial. The $900,000 trial involves leasing two all-electric…

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