You Were Always Dreamed of

You have the Keys to the Kingdom. Nothing can be barred to you, that is, unless you say so. Get real.

You can ride the Waves of the Ocean and you can ride the Rays of the Sun. You can ride the Air Waves. You ride a Chariot of Life. You sail in My Heart. You are your own Discovery. Free your Self from partitioning your Self. You are Wholeness Itself. You are not less. You are not a piece of the Action. What do you think it means that you were made in My Image?

I am not an image. I am the Real Thing, and so are you. You did not become born to Earth by mistake. You weren’t given an inch on Earth or only one mountain to call yours. You inherited the Whole Deed. If you think you have to scrape by, there is a mistake of the intellect bruiting about. Desist.

Hail to Life, for you are the Life of the Land. You have come here to Earth to note the Establishment of Love Hale and Hardy on Earth.

Okay, now We come down to it. You ignite the Dreams of God. You are to Light the Match of Yourself. You are to Light the Match of All Those Aspects of Yourself. There is Oneness, and You are It!

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