Love Is on the Wing

What a strange thing, that your Heart would be stilled, that your Heart would be disconnected, cut off, estranged from the Merriment of Itself. What an aberration has been glued to the world. Unthinkable, yet it was thought. It was masterminded for some slight yearning for anonymity.

Beloveds, haven’t you been adorned with Love — Love is Who You Are. Love is not foreign to you. Love has never been a stranger to you. You have always been longing to exercise your God-Given Right to Love as Love is meant to be.

No longer infringe on Love. Let Love burst through the imaginary chains Love has been beset with. Remove that starched uniform you put on. It was a costume. It was never real. It is see-through. See through it now, and toss it away.

Love needs no disguise, no armament, no cover-up, no excuse, no defense. Love needs nothing but what it already is. The Freedom to Love is built-in. Exercise your Love. Ah, that is all Love needs, and that is, to be given and given again and again until Loving is old hat to you which it truly truly truly is and is forevermore.

Love is on the wing.

via Love Is on the Wing | Heavenletters