Plastics Have Become The Bane Of All Humanity

Back when America was great, DuPont had a catchy slogan: “Better Things For Better Living…Through Chemistry.” We were all amazed at how chemists could concoct cool new stuff like Teflon or the polyester yarns that made leisure suits so terrific. (If you missed the golden age of leisure suits, consider yourself lucky.)  And who can forget the epic scene in the movie The Graduate in which a neighbor tells young Benjamin Braddock, “I have one word for you, Ben. One word — plastics.”

From that golden age where anything was possible, the world has descended into a living hell of plastic detritus that has totally infiltrated the earth and its oceans. A new study by Orb Media shows that 83% of the earth’s population is drinking water contaminated by plastic particles. Another study from the UN finds that plastic has now infiltrated sea salt available in the UK, France, Spain, China, and the US.

What it comes down to is that we now live in an environment inundated with plastic waste products. The water that we drink and the food we eat are polluting our bodies with those plastic wastes, many of which are microscopically small. It shouldn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that such contamination is dangerous to all living things. “You are what you eat,” is still the supreme law of existence.

via Plastics Have Become The Bane Of All Humanity | CleanTechnica