Hurricane Irma: Climate change deniers’ chickens come home to roost

Limbaugh is among friends in Florida, which is America’s number one climate change denier state from the top on down. In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times when he was running for governor, Rick Scott was asked if he believes in global warming. Scott replied: “No. I have not been convinced.”

Asked what it would take to persuade him: “Something more convincing than what I’ve read”.

Following his election as Governor of Florida, Scott has presided over business-as-usual for the fossil fuel industry and has hindered all efforts at utilising renewable energy. Investor-owned utilities who make vast profits from burning oil and gas are in league with front groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to crush renewables in Florida. ALEC operates all over the U.S. and is massively funded by the Koch brothers.

Each of the brothers is worth more than $40 billion. Their company, Koch Industries, is the second largest private business in the U.S. and is right up there with ExxonMobil and American Electric Power in the list of top polluters in the country.

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