In a Different Light

Even within the current state of Earth Life you live and try with all your might to make sense of, there are times later on when what you at first saw as tragic, you now no longer see as tragic. You may even see something now as fortuitous.

A day will come when you see the now-seen tragedies in Perfect Light and Understanding. Beloveds, a time will come when your Consciousness surpasses even the concept of understanding. You will see.

No longer will you struggle to understand anything, not one thing.

Even in the world you presently live in, before the Sun rises over the Horizon, you know Dawn’s Light will once again appear right here before you. There is no effort or hard searching or anything of the kind for you to know that Daylight simply will shine upon you, and so it does.

When you were a young child, there was a time when you couldn’t talk. Then one day you talked, and you haven’t stopped yet. Talking became as easy as apple pie. Once upon a time, you couldn’t read, and then one day, you caught on to reading, and it became natural and easy for you. No longer was there a struggle. And one day you will see Life altogether in a different light.

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