Here’s Why Steve Bannon Wears So Many Shirts

He’s a layering extremist, if you will, adhering to a disheveled uniform of shirts from Brooks Brothers and Orvis, a brand that makes clothes for fly fishing and other outdoor sports (he does not fly fish). He keeps them both folded and hanging in his closet at the Breitbart headquarters, a townhouse in D.C. known as the “Breitbart Embassy,” as well as in other unspecified closets in unspecified locations. “They’re not all long sleeve,” his spokesperson explained. “There’s some polos that are short sleeve.” They added that when wearing a suit in the White House, perhaps he only wore two shirts beneath his blazer — an undershirt and then a button-down — but wasn’t sure.

Chris Bannon, his brother, conveyed through his spokesperson his agreement that an astounding number of shirts was normal for Steve. He added that wearing an undershirt underneath a dress shirt underneath a blazer, which is one shirt shy of his brother’s style, has historically been considered normal, too.

Bannon’s spokesperson thought it was important to note that he’s also particular about what he adorns his shirts and blazers with: a series of pens, usually the Pilot Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball Pen. Like with the shirts, the pens travel with Bannon through the world in multiples.

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