Getting Closer

To know Who you are is to not to be so devoted to what goes on around you. To know Who you are is to be devoted to rising High. This is not ego. This is knowing Who you are and not needing plaudits from the world. Ah, there is a big difference between needing and enjoying.

For God’s sakes, enjoy the diversity of the world! Beloveds, this is the least you can do. No more grumbling. This is what is meant by rising above the surface events of the world.

Enjoy being alive. Never mind about fixing the world. Enjoy the world, and the world will fix itself.

Be one of many Enjoyers. Overwhelm the world with Joy. Let the world copy you. As you rise, you take the world with you. Everyone wants to rise. Dear Ones, don’t lecture the world. No longer point out the errors of its ways. Lift up the world.

Free the world from the ties that bind. Undo the past that no longer exists anyway except in your mind. Change the focus of your mind, for your mind has been an errant lover.

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