In the Heart, in the Heart

Surely you know you are more than bones and gristle from which the World and you are known and made. Surely you are the Magnificence of Oneness.

Am I the Tree and you the Leaf, yet if We are One, how can you be less than the Tree? What is the Name of the Tree that I am and you also are? Can We (I) be the beautiful Cherry Tree that blossoms and you (I) the Blossoms, or are We, the One of Us, the whole Cherry Tree or can you be the cherry itself on top of the cake?

What if there are no words in any language to express the Unitedness of Oneness? You might feel a loss.

Am I the Wind that blows, and you the Breeze that blows as well and blows back like Waves in the Ocean, and therefore you are, indeed, the Ocean, and waves do not exist separately from the Ocean.

What does Oneness look like? You do know what Oneness feels like. You have experienced it. You have felt its Exhilaration. You also know what Being feels like. You know its Fragrance as a Sense of Remembrance of Being. This pause in non-existent time and space is exhilarating, and you truly are free of all boundaries. Neither happiness nor unhappiness exist. This Fullness of Nothingness is known by the Name of Infinity, yet, how can Infinity know Itself, or is it that Infinity knows only Self, and that brings us back to God and Beingness and the Fullness of Self and all the Love in the World that is too often despaired of.

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