It’s not just Puerto Rico: 6 other Caribbean island nations are in crisis after the hurricanes

Repeating Islands

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From the uninhabitable Barbuda to widespread power outages in the Virgin Islands, islands are limping toward recovery. A report by Julia Belluz for Vox.

There’s a lot of media and political attention focused right now on the devastation Hurricane Maria brought Puerto Rico — and for good reason. The US territory is facing humanitarianand public health crises, with serious shortages of food and potable water, and homes and most hospitals still without power.

But it seems many of us have lost sight of, or entirely forgotten, the fact that Hurricane Maria, and Hurricane Irma before it, walloped several other islands in the Caribbean. From Barbuda, which had to be evacuated and remains uninhabitable, to Dutch St. Martin, where 90 percent of the buildings were damaged, this hurricane season has been brutal. (Dominica, the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Cuba were also seriously banged…

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