Westinghouse Asks Court to Stop Cancellation of Vogtle Contract

Westinghouse Electric has asked a New York bankruptcy court to stop Georgia Power from terminating Westinghouse’s contract to continue construction of two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle near Waynesboro, Georgia.

Westinghouse filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, in large part due to massive cost overruns from the Vogtle project and the V.C. Summer nuclear project in South Carolina. Westinghouse was replaced by Southern Nuclear, a subsidiary of Southern Co. as is Georgia Power, as the primary overseer of construction of the new twin AP1000 reactors at Vogtle. Southern Nuclear operates the two existing units at the nuclear plant.

Georgia Power has said Westinghouse’s bankruptcy filing showed it had abandoned the Vogtle project, voiding its contract. Georgia Power also has said the cost overruns at Vogtle were due to myriad problems with Westinghouse’s design and construction, which led to the utility’s decision to move forward with other contractors.

via Power Westinghouse Asks Court to Stop Cancellation of Vogtle Contract