Catalonia Referendum: At Least 844 Injured By Spanish Police While Trying to Vote; 90% Vote for Independence; Party of Spanish PM was Founded by Francoist-Fascists

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If the PM of Spain is acting like a Fascist, perhaps it’s because his party was founded by Francoist-Fascists.

Before the violent crackdown, came the web site crackdown: On September 12th, one could see this poster on the referendum web site. The English translation reads: “You were born with the capacity to decide. Will you give that up? More than ever the future of Catalonia is in your hands“.

By Sept. 14, 2017 it had been seized by the Spanish government. And, isn’t that a fasces in the image?

Sure enough! “Flag of the National Fascist Party, bearing the fasces, which was the premier symbol of Italian Fascism“.

Released to Public Domain via: Franco used another symbol, however:

Then came this:

And, on Sunday came 844 injuries due to Spanish police brutality:
Spanish riot police burst into polling stations across Catalonia on…

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