Do Not Feed the Egos

How do you jump from as you are (as you see it) to what you truly want to rise to (as I see it)? How do you go higher without jumping off from where you are? The concept of Rising Higher is to be real. Beloveds, rising higher isn’t a performance you put on.

Listen carefully here. In the world, I do not ask you to be everything to everyone. You cannot be everything to everyone.

Never again can shrugging your shoulders and saying you can only be yourself be an excuse for your not seeking Greatness. Of course I do not say that you are to be a chameleon. Be, and do not dissemble. You don’t have to think of yourself as the Best in the World. There are many Great Ones in the world, and you can grow to Greatness. Absolutely, you can. For Real.

To desire to be Great isn’t quite the same as catering to yourself. Be. Be Greater today than you were yesterday. Be honest with yourself. We are talking about you and not anyone else. Be Truthful.

Ease up on yourself. There is no king-pin you have to be. Rest on Sundays. Go quietly within. You do not need to outperform yourself any day of the week. BE. Allow yourself to be the Real Thing and no less.

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