You Are Born to Be One with Me

Rubies and diamonds do not equal Oneness. There is nothing that equals the Oneness of One Resplendent Heart. One Heart propels the Universe. All the world bows down to Our Wondrous Oneness of Heart, Oneness of Being, Oneness that meets itself and is unable to go back to less. This day has come. Long time waiting, yet now this stirring of Life is here in full mettle. Hail, hail, the moment has come, and this moment is here to stay. It was always Ours, Oneness, always for the One of Us without reservation. There is no holding back now. This is it.

Come, don’t be afraid. Don’t hesitate. This is what you have been looking for your Life long. Come into the Sunshine with Me. We are right at the brim. Come, come with Me, Beloveds.

No longer are you to chase that which is already yours, signed and sealed. That which is already right within you has no need to be sought. You are already found. Once you have found the Treasure you are seeking, you no longer have to hunt near or far for it. It isn’t that you are chained to Oneness, not at all. It is that you are free to enjoy it. There is no obligation. There is only Joy.

You rise to the High Road. The High Road has always been yours. Now you know. How exquisite is Oneness. You rise to it, and so you are risen. How simple. Relax into Oneness and never depart. There is Oneness. This is it. We are the Delight of Oneness.

Every day you begin, and every day Oneness is new. You are the perpetuator of Oneness for All. You are renewed in Oneness. Oneness is the Reality forevermore.

You have been longing for this day to come. The Dawn has come. The Dawn of Oneness arises every day. The Dawn of Oneness bounces off you every day, transformed into Revelation.

The day has come. The latches are open. Come with Me!

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