October 5 Energy News



¶ “Coal Will Not Bring Appalachia Back to Life, But Tech and Government Jobs Could” • Whatever the White House says, coal jobs are in a terminal decline. And whatever cynics claim, it’s not some cabal of heartless environmentalists to blame. It’s the power industry itself, driven by advances in technology and simple market forces. [EcoWatch]

Closed coal mine in West Virginia (WVPB | Janet Kunicki)

¶ “Special Report – The bankrupt utility behind Puerto Rico’s power crisis” • Two weeks after the storm plunged the island into a blackout, fewer than 10% of Puerto Rico’s people have seen power restored – and many will wait months. Governor Rossello said, “The emergency plan was as follows: There is no way to fix the nature of the grid.” [swissinfo.ch]

¶ “It’s our choice: renewable energy superpower or Asian Pacific rust belt” • While its opponents portray decarbonizing…

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