US Approves First Permanent Tidal Power Test Site

Funding for the test site was provided by the Seaport Economic Council. The test stand will be installed in a sheltered spot where access is exclusively via the Army Corps of Engineers’ facility (where fishing from shore is not permitted) and where it is far out of the navigational channel.

Water velocity has been measured at over 2 meters/second (4 knots) on the maximum tidal cycle in both directions, enough to turn different types of tidal turbines to test their efficiency, power output, robustness and more.  Turbines of up to 3 meters can be tested with vertical lift provided for easy access.

“With investment from the Massachusetts Seaport Economic Council, MRECo is now positioned to be a national and international leader in tidal turbine research,” said Third Barnstable District State Representative, David T. Vieira (R- East Falmouth). “This project is one critical component in the economic development initiatives of the Buzzards Bay area.”

via Marine Tech News US Approves First Permanent Tidal Power Test Site