Russia Destroyed The Last Of It’s Chemical Weapons, Why Is The US Not Following UN Agreement To Do Likewise?

A senior Russian diplomat has urged the US and other nations to follow Russia’s example and decommission their chemical arsenals.
“We have inherited the world’s largest arsenal of such weapons of mass destruction, and we carried out a plan for its elimination in good faith,” said Vladimir Yermakov, deputy head of the Foreign Ministry’s Department for Weapons Control and Non-Proliferation.

Speaking before a session of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, the diplomat reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to honoring its obligations under international agreements.

“We call upon all nations that still possess chemical weapons to immediately follow Russia’s example,” said Yermakov.

“This concerns primarily the state that had initiated the convention and has always been the promoter of its ideas and now for some reason remains the owner of the largest stocks of chemical weapons,” he added, apparently referring to the US.

via Russia calls on US to expedite destruction of its chemical weapons — RT Russian politics