These wealthy institutions are quietly financing white nationalism Organizations that claim to serve the public good are enriching Robert Mercer.

The man who facilitates this laundering of racist views is Robert Mercer, Breitbart’s co-owner and a major benefactor. Mercer made his money as co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, or “RenTech,” a quantitative hedge fund that uses computer algorithms to make investment decisions.

Mercer and his daughter, Rebekah, don’t just invest in Breitbart — they use it to push their own views and interests. Yiannopoulos served as a conduit for assignments from the Mercers to a pool of young Breitbart researchers, according to emails reported by BuzzFeed. As Yiannopoulos expanded from the website to live shows at college campuses, an employee of the Mercers’ production company, Glittering Steel, organized his tour. The Mercers’ private security company would help watch over Yiannopoulos on college campuses, where his presence often antagonized the student body.

In February, Yiannopoulos was forced to leave Breitbart after he appeared to defend pedophilia in an interview. But Yiannopoulos quickly landed on his feet, launching his own media company, MILO Inc. Robert Mercer funded it. Just two weeks after being let go from Breitbart, Yiannopoulos received a wire transfer from “Robert Mercer’s accountant” to start his new venture, according to the Buzzfeed story.

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