With Silver Spoons in Hand

Of course, wherever you find yourself, you can find that which lifts your Heart. Lift it. Lift your heart and lift others’ hearts. Lift the world. This is an assignment I have ever given to you. I have given this assignment to everyone. Remind yourself of the Great Power that lies within you.

Your Great Power to spot Joy is ready to spring up from you for all the world to see. If not see, to feel, to embrace, to blossom along with. The Bells of Joy in Life’s Potency can rise from anywhere, and, therefore, everywhere, including bursting from you!

All is not lost. It is a scientific fact that no energy is lost. You know, of course, that I did not really clasp onto the details of Creation. When Creation began, you could compare me to a hungry diner who goes into a fine restaurant to put my order in and wait for it to appear.

“This is what I would like,” I say to the waiter in this seedling restaurant in which the whole world will be served, and, voila, you arise and all the confluence of the world perfectly created arises and is still here — this world born anew. Life may not always have been well-used, yet Life is still here in the world just the same, and it is still your Life to play in and to love playing in wherever you may be and with whomever you happen to be, including with Me as We sit down at the Table of Life with silver spoons in hand.

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