Donald Trump handed Niger to ISIS in a fit of racist buffoonish rage

Yesterday, Palmer Report pointed out that Trump had added the nation of Chad to his Muslim ban in September without explanation, and that Chad had responded by pulling its support troops from Niger. Then last night, Rachel Maddow pinned down the the withdrawal date of Chad’s troops to September 29th. Just five days later, without the support of the Chad troops, the U.S. troops in Niger found themselves outgunned – and four of them died. It was already clear that Trump had at least indirectly caused their deaths. Now it’s becoming more fair to say that he directly caused their deaths.

Chad’s withdrawal from Niger has essentially handed Niger to ISIS, as the small number of U.S. troops stationed there – most of whom are tasked with building a drone farm as opposed to engaging in combat – are clearly no match for the much larger ISIS forces attempting to take over the barren desert nation. It’s been widely reported that the Pentagon repeatedly asked the Trump White House for additional support in Niger, but those requests were ignored. Even as Trump falsely tries to take credit for the Obama era efforts which decimated ISIS in nations like Iraq and Syria, he’s handed an entire nation to ISIS. Yet that may be just the beginning of the scandal.

via Donald Trump handed Niger to ISIS in a fit of racist buffoonish rage – Palmer Report